Evolution of thought


The J-O Culture Foundation supports the work of professional authors, political writers and translators, whose work is of supra-regional significance. In particular, we back literary positions and approaches that make innovative contributions to our understanding of the present times, develop an impact on public discourse, and promote cross-cultural dialog.
Within this scope the J-O Culture Foundation also supports projects and institutions that make a notable contribution to the dissemination and mediation of literary work and promote the debate on literature in society.
In the field "Literature" the J-O Culture Foundation supports authors and translators whose work reaches beyond merely local and regional significance; it also backs projects and institutions that make a relevant contribution to the mediation of, and debate on, literature in society.
In this sector the J-O Culture Foundation awards "promotion grants", "acknowledgement grants" and "project grants". The Foundation Board decides on the eligibility of a project and in what form funding is to be awarded. Furthermore, the Foundation Board has the authority to support writers and projects of its own choosing which it considers worthy of promotion. In decision-making the Board relies principally on the following list of criteria.
:We support
Ongoing work of contemporary authors as well as translation projects
Authors whose significance reaches beyond the local and regional
Projects that make a relevant contribution to the mediation of, and debate on, literature in society.
Projects and approaches that display an innovative profile and develop a sustained public impact
:We do not support
Authors and translators in training
Projects in the context of education and advanced training
Publishing costs (printing and binding) of literary and scholarly works

Contemporary literature addresses social, political and cultural issues and promotes awareness of, and reflection on, ourselves as human beings and our position in the world.

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