Evolution of thought

Purpose and Aim

In its support of cultural and artistic life and creativity in and for Switzerland, the J-O Culture Foundation is committed to a funding practice that is independent and complementary, innovative as well as preserving, prioritizing as well as balanced and, above all, professional, goal-oriented and sustainable.

Since 1962, and in accordance with its stipulated purpose, the j-o Culture Foundation deploys the annual yield from the foundation's capital to support "cultural and artistic life and creativity" in, and for, Switzerland (statutes, J-O Culture Foundation 1962). We are committed to the free exchange of ideas between artists, scholars and society and to the diversity of cultural expression; in particular, we encourage and promote artistic and cultural creativity and the mediation of artistic and cultural achievements.
We offer support in the fields "Visual Arts", "Literature", . We support artists and scholars with personal grants as well as cultural ventures with project-bound grants. Within this framework the J-O Culture Foundation supports professional artists and scholars of Swiss nationality, foreign artists and scholars, cultural projects that bear clear reference to Switzerland, as well as the acquisition of objects of eminent cultural or art historical significance by museums.
On the basis of its stipulated purpose the J-O Culture Foundation follows a practice of promotion and support that is independent of, but complementary to, public and private funding in the field of arts and culture. We take into account the different fields of art and culture as well as Switzerland's different language areas; we not only support the conservation of existing cultural achievements but notably also promote the innovation of art and culture in all its forms. Against this background we first and foremost allocate the means at our disposal to those areas "where others are not in a position to support artistic and cultural creativity" (statutes, J-O Culture Foundation 1999).

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