Evolution of thought


The J-O Culture Foundation uses the means at its disposal to support individuals and projects in the fields of "Visual Arts", "Literature". Decision-making concerning the allotment of funds lies exclusively in the power of the Foundation Board. In its policy and decisions the Foundation Board acts in accordance with the following, statutory-regulated general guidelines.
The J-O Culture Foundation is committed to the
promotion of cultural activities and artistic creativity in, and to the benefit of, Switzerland
conservation and mediation of cultural legacies
free exchange of ideas between artists, scholars and society
diversity of cultural forms of expression
creation, dissemination and mediation of contemporary arts and culture
The J-O Culture Foundation follows a funding policy that
is independent and complementary to other forms of public and private funding
takes into account the diversity of all cultural fields and activities
pays respect to the different language regions and geographical areas of Switzerland
is committed to the sustained conservation as well as ongoing renewal of cultural creativity
offers transparent and sustainable support for the benefit of the general public

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